First of all, before reading about me I humbly request you to throw away the image of a cool looking teenager from your mind. I also request you to kindly read about me or anything related to me by being a real human. And by ‘Being a real human’ I mean a human without any hate or bad thinking for one another. I know you may be like what the heck is he talking about? But I am serious! There are a lot of people nowadays that completely fake everything. They try everything to look cool (Fake) infront of everyone. They act like they care about you but in reality, they don’t. So it’s my humble request, please be ‘You’. Don’t lie to yourself. Be a real Human.

My name is Rishi. I am a simple person living on earth. I am a skinny person wearing glasses, currently studying in the final year of school. And because of my body, a lot of people make fun of mine but now listening to them became a habit. But then after I realized that this is a good thing for me. I can eat anything as much as I can and still I will not become overweight. From this, I came to know that we can find good things in bad things by changing our thinking. I am currently facing a lot of problems in my life. I desperately believe in god and follow every religion. I love cartoons, toys, and video games a lot. I actually have many toys, cartoon stickers, and other stuff with me but I don’t have any gaming console.  I think that God has given us a life to live, so we should live with peace, honesty, love, and equality. I am proud of myself that I never use any kind of vulgar language or think bad for others.

I don’t have anyone with me to whom I can share my life with…I have people around me, but they are just stupid snitcher who are a huge stigma on humanity. And those people include my relatives. People across the globe have relatives but what I have are lousy people. And it’s my pledge that the day I became successful I’ll kick them out! I know that we should live without hate but in my sight, bad people do not deserve any respect. And my relatives are those bad people. But my biggest enemy is my laziness, and I want to overcome that as soon as possible. 

I was born on 15th of November 1999. I had a hard time in past (who doesn’t) but still, there are a lot of good memories which I remember. I always felt that I am the world’s most troubled person. Bad always happens with me, but I was wrong. I saw people who don’t even have food, home, family, the basic necessity of life…I was really ashamed for thinking myself the most troubled person in the world! But now I clearly understood that everyone faces a hard time in their life but a few of them succeed and I want to be one of those few people. To read a short glimpse of my hard times please read this blog.

I like to watch television dramas but I don’t like movies. I connect more with tv shows. I also like to listen to music.  There’s a special bond between the characters and me, is what I feel watching tv shows. If I find a show interesting then I’ll finish all of its previous episodes within a couple of days. I get this much of free time because I don’t have to go to school. I am having homeschooling. I know it’s stupid but I hate holidays, especially Sunday and festival holidays. 

I have 2 goals in front of me and I want to accomplish them real quick. I admit that people nowadays want to succeed pretty fast but these 2 goals have a great impact on me. I depend on them. If I succeed in achieving them, my life, my career, my family … everything will change. I want to work hard but as wrote earlier my biggest interruption is my laziness and I want to throw it away. I want to be focused. For me these 2 goals are not only my dream, they are a need for me!

I started writing from as long as I remember. I think I started it around 12 to 13 years back. My main genre for writing is fiction. I accept that I need a hard practice over language, but I am trying my best to improve it. I have also entered the world of entrepreneurship recently. I have various plans in my mind, with my parents and god’s blessings I am sure I’ll be able to make them a reality soon in near future.  I have started my journey and I pray to god to help me reach the right destination at right time. If you’re still reading then I am Hoping to see you alongside the road. I’ve turned my diary into a website and now I am firmly waiting to have my goals completed before I lose them forever! 

I wish you a very happy day.

A human with good manners is truly rich, not the one with a lot of so-called money.

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I am thankful to you for visiting. I wrote about me for humans or aliens to know me better, but not for God because God knows everything about each of us. 

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