Am I Still


Hi Diary, I have decided that from now on I will write only once a week till my exams. I know it doesn’t take long to write some crap about my life but for me it takes time. However, I will still remember my resolution. Today I just want to finish writing as soon as possible because it’s 10 of January and I am clueless what to do?

I have not attended my private class for a month. Firstly there were my exams going on then it was Christmas and finally, I took a leave for a couple of days and so in total I haven’t gone to the class for a whole month! And if I’ll be honest I don’t want to go but there’s no option for me.

I also believe that my MasterCard which I ordered after a lot of struggle is available in the bank but I don’t why I did not collect it, I guess I am afraid! As you know I was hibernated for almost 2 years but I think I am still. I am screaming and shouting here but sadly no one’s listening. I am sure that I am still hibernated.

Yesterday my so-called friend called at evening and started talking to me badly. I didn’t like that and was mad at him but then I realized that I shouldn’t be mad at him, after all, he doesn’t even know about me.

And yesterday was the last day for my antivirus. It is asking to renew the license but I don’t have the money so I will not. Hope that nothing bad will happen to my laptop but then I realize it’s me! And even the windows I use are cracked so I can just pray.

I also found some ways to earn money and they require time, which sadly I don’t have but still I am doing them.

My mind right now is in a very different situation that I cannot even express. I am able to convey what is happening to me, and infect I myself don’t know!

Next, I’ll write this Sunday.
Good Day!
But for me – Have a normal bad day!

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