It's Time For The

Hard Decision!

Hi Diary, I think I am becoming lazy again! I was wasted like 30 minutes by just sitting on the couch. Anyways, yesterday I didn’t want to but I had to go that city. I mean I know I would get pizza and choco lava cake there but my whole day would get wasted! But I went there anyhow with my sister because she had some works. And as usual, there was fakeness everywhere! I am not going to write a lot but we were in the cab and a group of people [By their looks, they were looking like the employees of a nearby company] were standing on the middle of the road. When the driver of our cab pressed the horn, they started shouting! They were like “We would not leave the road, what will you do?” [Rude Tone]. What kind of people are those? These are the same people who don’t follow the rules and regulations themselves and then blame the constitution for everything! They criticise the government for everything. I believe that it is not just government’s responsibility to make a country good but also a responsibility of citizens.

One thing I realized in my life is that nothing in this universe happens automatically! I am pretty sure and confident about it!

Today up to now [1:39 PM], it has been a good day as I found some ways to make extra money. I will try them today at night. I am also thinking of postponing my Facebook Ads eBook and some other ideas besides the funnel one for 3 months so that I can study for my exams and can at least score passing marks! I exactly know that 3 months from now the family problems will reach Mount Everest but I still can do a lot by that funnel business strategy.

I guess today I will stop right here.

Good Day!

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