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Hi Diary, Today I am writing at noon! But I don’t want to write about my day, I just want to write a stupid theory I made yesterday! I wanted to write this theory yesterday but I was late for sleep so I am writing now. I need to go to study in 5 minutes but I am still writing this. So,

As it is believed that time around the universe is not same. And what I believe is that it may be true! Let’s consider an electron and a coulomb. In one coulomb of charge there are 6.24 quintillion electrons but in one electron there is a charge of 1.60217662 × 10-19 coulombs. And I want to take this as a reference.

Now consider an advanced civilization several light years away from earth. The 100 years for us may be just 1 year for them or maybe 1 month or even maybe just an hour! At the same time, 100 years for us maybe 500 years or more for some other civilization.

Now let’s name the first civilization ‘Sardev’ and the second one ‘Vitdev‘. Now let’s assume we have the technology to watch any Sardev civilization, then we will see that everything happening there is smooth and normal, like no time difference exist but for them, it will be a time difference! It’s somewhat like watching a video in super super super slow motion for them but for us its just like a normal 30fps.

In simple language, we can say that a human of age 100 years can be a person of age just 4 hours or a person of age 500 years depending on the comparison with different civilizations. To a Super Sardev civilization a normal human life can be a millisecond [According to their time units] and for a Vitdev civilization, a millisecond of us can be the average whole lifespan of its species!

Same is the case for other civilizations. But a point will come when the time difference for the whole universe will be zero. This happens in a lot of years. I call that time ‘Praldev’.

Earth as reference:

The Time difference is directly proportional to the distance between the earth and that point and also directly proportional to the difference between how advanced a civilization is, that means the time difference will be less with a civilization nearly lower or advance than us. However time difference will be more with the civilization very low or very advanced than us!

x = Distance b/n earth and that point] times [kardashev scale of earth – kardashev scale of that point]                                                        y = x/108                                                  y = compare with 2.783 
Result = Time Difference in light years.

If negative sign, the civilization is vitdev and their one light year is equal to ‘y’ years. If positive sign our one light year equals ‘y’ years.

Just for fun!

Good Night [I completed this at night..so]
I will write about my day tomorrow:)

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